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How will housing change? What kind of recession recovery will we see? Our guest today is here to discuss the looming recession due to Coronavirus. China is coming back online with products, but who will be on the receiving end? Jason shares predictions on the rise of suburbia and the ever-diminishing desire to live in high-density cities. Who will receive the U.S. bail-out?

Key Takeaways:

[2:00] Multi-generational living

[4:15] L, V, U, ? shaped recovery?

[7:30] You can’t shut down the economy for even 90 days and expect to not have a major recession

[8:50] China is coming back online to some extent now

12:48] Why would the U.S. bail out the cruise lines?

[18:00] The Federal Reserve is now a bond buyer and might soon become a stock buyer as well

[21:50] What’s to be made of all of the sudden CEO resignations?

[27:15] Expansions create millionaires but recessions create billionaires

[35:30] The rise of suburbia



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