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One of the top forecasters in the real estate industry, Barry Habib, joins Jason Hartman to discuss the money creation issue that’s happening worldwide. What truths about the mortgage market aren’t being told? The middle class has been taken under attack, and here are the tools to stay on top, and lose the least. 

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TONIGHT! Thursday, April 16, 2020, More Details Here: TAX SALE Webinar Link

Key Takeaways:

[2:30] The middle class has been under attack for decades. Comment at

[6:00] The return policy for real estate doesn’t come without a restocking fee

[8:00] In a depression, the person who wins is the person who loses the least

[9:00] www.PandemicInvesting.Com

[9:30] Barry Habib, "printing money can lead to inflation or hyperinflation" 

[19:30] What investments are you holding onto? 

[23:00] The fed is trying to loosen the money supply yet lenders and servicers are very concerned

[29:00] All of this stimulus has to be paid back, and the fed is first inline



TAX SALE Webinar Link

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