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“Compared to what?” If you have ever listened to a Jason Hartman Podcast you will understand the weight of this simple question. Whether you are looking at small product quality, or the nutrition value of food, investment opportunities, or presidential policies, it’s important to ask, “compared to what?” 

As well, Jason talks about the development of frictionless real estate leasing and sales. The increasing popularity of virtual tours gives a lot of benefits to real estate investors.

Key Takeaways:

[1:45] What are you doing with the self-quarantine time?

[2:30] A discussion on inflation, and how it’s hidden from us

[6:00] Who is saying that the U.S. could become a second rate or vulnerable world power in the next twenty years?

[10:30] At the end of the day, any law is reduced to the barrel of a gun

[16:00] There is a necessity of central banks in wartime, whether that war is seen or unseen (coronavirus)

[17:30] Orange juice is a scam, you’ll see

[25:00] Free market capitalism - is it a great thing?

[28:30] Frictionless real estate and what it means to investors: the perks of virtual tours

[35:00] America gets the special privilege of being more irresponsible than other countries


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