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The emperor has no clothes! The ‘Lame-Stream’ Media has finally caught up with Jason’s predictions of migration away from high-density areas. Beware of the elevator! High rise condos mixed in metropolitan areas have more warning signs than advantages in the modern, mobile workplace. The rise of suburbia is here! Take your work poolside, in the backyard of your very own, suburban home. 

Coronavirus Quarantine Survivor, attorney, author, and actress, Juanita Ingram joins Jason Hartman to discuss Taiwan’s reaction to Coronavirus, approximately 30 days before it hit the U.S. What did Taiwan do right, and how did SARS prepare them for this problem? Born in Tennessee, and made her way through the U.K. and finally to Taiwan, hear Juanita’s perspective on the differences of culture and how Coronavirus was handled. 

Key Takeaways: 

[2:30] Suburbia is a uniquely American idea, that benefits us greatly, in the migration away from high-density areas.

[5:15] Inflationary is bad government, bad fiscal and monetary policy while deflationary is technology and globalization.

[8:00] Realtors and demographers say that this acceleration of a trend (migration away from high-density areas), is already taking place. This migration was something that was happening before COVID-19, which is something that might only be accelerating the trend. 

[10:00] "We don’t need the fancy downtown office space. So, do I need to be so close to the city?”

[12:30] Never listen to the naysayers, they’re usually wrong.

[15:00] Reports of temporary migration out of high-density areas started with the shelter in place. The continuation of this will be a more permanent migration. 

[17:20] Demographers and realtors alike, predict that this is a tipping point of people that have been dreaming of backyards, pools, and more space. 

Guest Juanita Ingram

[18:45] What’s going on in Taiwan, so close to China? 

[23:00] From Wuhan Virus to COVID-19, the changes made in Taiwan, approximately 30 days ahead of the U.S.

[24:45] After Taiwan’s experience with SARS, they had a pandemic plan in place. Taiwan is now being called the blueprint of what should’ve been done

[26:30] Taiwan’s cases escalated due to the import of cases from outside of the country. 

[30:30] Two ER Doctors in Atlanta, Georgia that both tested positive. One is very sick, and the other is asymptomatic. 



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