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When it comes to pandemics or infectious disease, population density is an issue. Jason Hartman discusses some additional property investment parameters to consider when investing. Suburban living, a uniquely American movement, has great potential for growth, both locally and worldwide. While the location might have been the way of the past, housing is the way of the future.

James Altucher joins Jason to share his viewpoints on the economy, stocks, and more specifically the stimulus. As well, listen to the seriousness of this pandemic from a New Yorker’s perspective, and what it’s like managing life in the most challenging U.S. coronavirus area. 

Key Takeaways:

[2:00] When it comes to pandemics or infectious diseases, density is an issue.

[4:45] Investment property parameters to consider: linear, cyclical, and hybrid markets. High and low-density population. Conforming and jumbo loans.

[7:45] The concept of suburban “SUB-urban” living is a uniquely American idea.

[9:00] World living comparisons of rural vs urban living.

[11:15] Covid-19 deaths per 100,000 people

[12:40] The 90% economy, maybe a bit optimistic?

[15:42] Housing vs location

Guest: James Altucher

[18:30] The New York and New Jersey Coronavirus perspective vs the rest of the nation.

21:30] “The earlier models were wrong”

[26:10] “As long as you keep seeing insanity happen, those are all canaries in the coal mine.” -Altucher

[17:00] We know that the economy is going to wake up, we just don’t know when and how.

[28:40] Understanding why we should prep for supply shock.

[30:15] The GDP of a year is about 20 trillion dollars, 5 trillion per quarter. There is an expectation that 2 to 3 trillion will be withdrawn from the economy this quarter. 

[34:30] Is this stimulus enough, are the right people getting it?



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