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There is no possible outcome where come Monday morning, things go back to normal. When restaurants or entertainment venues can only operate at 25 percent capacity, the word to remember is inflationary. Jason Hartman discusses some basic strategy and philosophy to stay afloat, like taking action to eliminate doubt and doing something for others to keep a positive, healthy attitude. 

As well, Hartman analyzes and breaks down an interview from Bloomberg Markets and Finance channel, with chairman and founder of Equity Group Investments Inc, Sam Zell. What did Zell have to say about Market Valuations, Real Estate and Post-Virus Economy? After the pandemic has been beaten, what lifestyle and work changes will stay, and what will fade away? 

Key Takeaways:

[4:22] Action eliminates doubt.

[10:00] Do something for someone or something else.

[14:00] From Bloomberg, Market, and Finance.

[16:30] The importance of price discovery.

[21:00] Liquidity creates volatility.

[22:30] All the efficiencies since the pandemic will stay, once the dust has cleared.

[32:00] A need for suburban home as things change.



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