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Renters are paying! Wall Street applauds real estate and expects to see a rise in suburban home demand. And who’s responsible for taking down the documentary ‘Plandemic?’ Jason Hartman shares investment strategy and tips through past, present, and pandemic times. 

Jim Puplava joins today’s show with much to talk about the supply chain disruption, and what’s to come of it. Jim says that business innovation is a must, and it looks as though companies like Walmart have already started making changes. These efficiencies aren’t only applicable in pandemic times. These strategies will prove to benefit businesses and patrons while we shelter-in-place or not. 


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Key Takeaways:

[2:15] Renters are paying! 82.9% made some kind of payment.

[5:45] Wall Street bets that the virus meltdown gives landlords a chance to grow. Suburban home demands on the rise. 

[8:40] The documentary ‘PlanDemic’ was taken down from Youtube.

[10:00] Message to New Investors:

[14:45] From Our Listeners, Thanks, Andy! 

[19:00] Jim Puplava

[20:00] The supply chain has been disrupted. While it will take some time to correct, some of it will be beneficial. 

[22:00] Inflation is a lot more money chasing fewer goods and services.

[29:40] Still singing the “creative destruction” tune. Business innovation is a must.

[32:45] The oil market, and the perfect storm. 



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