Creating Wealth Real Estate Investing with Jason Hartman

Be a doer! Jason Hartman discusses the risk/reward investment concepts when looked at in hindsight. It’s not about gambling, it’s about building solid fundamentals for investing. It’s understanding the advantages of multi-dimensional assets.

Jim Rogers returns to the show for his first time in seven years. Jim talks with Jason about government power, and their financial strategies. The big question concerning government stimulus right now is, “how will we suffer from this?” 

Jason’s Recommendations For Your Library:

Earl Nightingale’s Greatest Discovery

Jim Rogers, Adventure Capitalist

Key Takeaways:

[3:15] The hardest ship to sail is a partnership. Investing Commandment Number 3, “thou shalt maintain control”

[7:30] When you look back over time, the rewards always go to the doers. They always go to the risk takers!

[12:00] Returns based only on inflation induced debt destruction…at the official rate of inflation, which is often understated. 

[13:30] Jim Rogers

[19:30] Every government wants more power than they have.

[21:20] How will we suffer from this?

[27:00] “Whenever things go wrong in a country, thought history, politicians blame foreigns”

[36:00] “When I was younger, many people helped me. Even if I look like a fool, I’d like to help people where I can” -Jim Rogers


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