Creating Wealth Real Estate Investing with Jason Hartman

Does the RV Ratio matter right now? Jason Hartman discusses the recent changes in mortgage rates, and therefore the RV ratio’s importance has shifted. All real estate is local, and so is an infectious disease. Covid-19 is having inconsistent numbers with cities reopening across the globe.

Mark Moss returns for part two to discuss bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Bitcoin does not need to be the global currency to have weight and validity. From game-theory to understanding what gives the currency its value, Mark shares what he knows about investing across the board. 

Weekend Webinar

Key Takeaways:

[2:30] All real estate is local, and all infections are local. 

[5:00] Metrics to find out if an investment property makes sense the day you buy it.

[6:00] Understanding the RV Ratio, rent to value

[11:00] Pick your battles less intelligently, if you have resources. 

[14:00] Why the RV Ratio doesn’t matter so much right now.

[19:00] Shifting to Cryptocurrencies 

[22:20] Will cryptos lead to a separation of money and state?

[26:00] There shall never be sound money again until it is taken from the government. 

[29:10] Understanding the bitcoin halving.

[32:30] While bitcoin may be limited, Cryptos, in general, have no limit?


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