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Virtual Meet the Masters, coming up! Jason Hartman reminds listeners of the benefits of getting dressed when working from the home office. Will higher education’s business model change? Did Hertz get caught lining their pockets before filing bankruptcy? 

George Gammon returns to discuss the allegory of the Hawk & Serpents. What kind of economic cycle are we in right now? How long will it last, and what’s to learn from it? 

Key Takeaways:

[3:20] The importance of getting up and getting dressed when you go to work at the home office.

[9:15] Scott Galloway talking about the imminent disruption of higher education’s business model.

[10:45] What did Hertz do before filing for bankruptcy protection?

[15:50] What is the dragon portfolio? And what is a risk parody portfolio?

[17:00] Allegory of the Hawk & Serpents, and understanding the twenty to thirty-year economic cycles. 

[20:20] Link for the cycles:

[24:30] We don’t have inflation or deflation, we have a combination of both all the time.

[31:45] One would think that when you have a strong dollar, everything else would be cheap in comparison. George says there isn’t really a correlation between the consumer price index compared to what the dollar is doing.


Dragon Portfolio:

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