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Jason Hartman takes a look at economic recoveries from past U.S. recessions. Beyond understanding the shape of an economic recovery, the details of the growth percentage and the term of growth can help us to understand where we are now. While some economic predictions can be made based on past information, the Coronavirus Pandemic does contribute to breaking pre-pandemic trends. Jason also discusses umbrella insurance policies and some flood insurance myths. 

Webinar: Asset Defense

This Weekend and Wednesday

Key Takeaways:

[2:30] Answering a listener question from Tony E. Understanding umbrella insurance policies. 

[10:50] Let’s talk about flood insurance and bust some myths. 

[14:00] The U.S. savings rate increased by the highest percentage in 39 years, since the pandemic hit the news. 

[17:00] What’s the ‘shape’ of our recovery? Possibly and O-shaped recovery?

[18:00] Home sales have skyrocketed  

[21:00] Supply-demand shock, from oil, the housing market, to quick deliveries. 

[22:30] Short-term and long-term bond interest rates.

[24:30] After the yield curve recovered, how long until the start of a recession?

[28:30] Looking at home prices in the U.S. in a market-weighted heavily on cyclical market prices. 


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