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Who is your investment guide? Jason Hartman shares some differences between getting caught up and getting ahead with your money management. Millennials are fleeing big cities for suburbs, and this isn’t the first we are hearing of it. This trend started in 2018 and continues through pandemic times.

Hugh discusses the early signs of chaos that awaits us as we move away from an accepted form of order. It’s not always a perfect situation for investing, especially if you only have one mindset for profit. Chaotic times call for positioning yourself to profit from a different angle. 

Webinar: Southwest Florida

Key Takeaways:

[4:15] Beware of the bubble gum investment advice. Is this where you want to be?

[8:00] America has done a good job trying to destroy itself in the last 8 years.

[9:30] The Greatest Management Principle In The World by Michael LeBoeuf

[13:45] What gets rewarded, gets repeated. 

[16:15] Millennials are fleeing big cities for the suburbs. 

Hugh Hendry

[19:00] Looking for predictions in gold, the dollar, etc.

[26:30] We are conditioned by the very slow passage of time. 

[27:00] Gold has been trending.

[29:45] 50 years ago we were pivoting from chaos to order. Today, we are pivoting from an accepted order to chaos. 

[31:18] We live in a world where instead of reducing the money supply, they are desperate to increase the money supply.

[35:15] In preparation, think of the most chaotic events becoming normalized, and how you can profit from chaos instead of order.

[36:30] At the bottom of a deleveraging cycle, everything is cheap.

[38:30] “May you live in interesting times,” -the quote is back. 


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