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Are you expecting a market crash? Jason Hartman discusses where a market crash might occur, and it isn't in the housing market. If you're looking for loan defaults, commercial real estate is likely experiencing the most volatility. 

Russ Munson shares his story fighting the Apple with a Pear; how his logo has faced trademark challenges thanks to the tech giant, Apple. Russ Munson's investing evolved and helped him fund his business. Now his food blog success has helped shape Prepear, a healthy recipe app, but his challenges with trademark trolling have made a lot of news. 

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Key Takeaways:

[2:45] Are you thinking that there has got to be a market crash?

[5:30] If we see a market crash, it will result from much higher interest rates.

[9:20] If you're looking for mortgage loan defaults, it's not going to happen. 

Russ Munson

[17:00] Russ Munson shares how his investing evolved and how it helped fund his current business.

[19:30] The first run-in with big tech hindering online traffic was Facebook and an adjusted algorithm. 

[23:10] Starting with the backstory on the food blog, Super Healthy Kits

[28:00] What is Apple's problem with your company?

[34:00] Apple made blanket disapproval of the logo because it was confusingly similar. 

[39:00] Munson has put into practice a field test for 'confusion' and says, "no one has gone into an Apple store and asked for help making dinner."

[43:45] One of the main struggles is legal fees; small businesses having limited funds compared to enterprises the size of Apple.


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