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From the stimulus bill to AB 2088, Jason is feeling admittedly indignant. Where are your tax dollars going, and how are they being affected? Do you have time to read the 5,593 page COVID-19 stimulus bill that congress released? California is trying to push their rich out and taking their money no matter where they end up. 

Key Takeaways:

[1:00] Feeling indignant?

[3:25] The longest bill ever passed on the shortest day of the year.

[6:20] Are we (the US gov) unwinding all of the checks and balances of our founding fathers?

[8:00] Your cut of 2 trillion is 600 bucks; where is the rest going?

[15:00] California is driving out the rich! 

[20:00] You never want to live in a place where the government is broke. 

[24:10] Assembly bill 2088, California. 


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