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Bob Pinnegar, CAE, is the President and Chief Executive Officer of the National Apartment Association (NAA), the leading voice and premier resource for the rental housing industry. Jason Hartman interviews Bob Pinnegar to discuss real eviction numbers and the possible expansion of Section-8. How have construction costs made it impossible to build new starter homes? How will the US residential and commercial picture change? Will it merge? Or will it move away from all norms? 

Key Takeaways:

[1:30] Could ANTIFA be behind that attack on Capitol Hill?

[3:00[ Maybe UBI isn’t all bad?

[3:45] Celebrating 1 Million Views on Youtube. Thanks to all of our Subscribers!

[7:30] 2020, A Year In Review

Bob Pinnegar

[21:25] Have there been evictions, have there been non-payment issues? 

[26:00] Will we see an expansion of Section-8, or a newer rental assistance program, or possibly UBI?

[30:00] 70 Billion in unpaid rent is expected, but what is the standard for unpaid rent?

[32:30] The construction costs make housing affordability impossible to build. 

[35:30] Our refusal to deal with housing problems has caused a change in urban communities. 

[38:00] Will major urban areas continue to have mass appeal? 

[39:00] Shopping malls have been redesigned into a lifestyle center?

[40:20] Rental housing will still be largely in demand. 


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