Creating Wealth Real Estate Investing with Jason Hartman

Jason Hartman announces Youtube Contest Winners with a couple of clips from our talented submissions. As well, Jason talks about a history of bubbles: from Tulip-Mania to Dot-Com, and even Bitcoin. Are we in a real estate bubble right now?

Jason Hartman talks with New Zealander and the founder of Landlord Studio, Logan Ransley, who shares his findings from his companies residential real estate index report. 

Key Takeaways:

[2:00] Clips from our Contest Winners! 

[6:00] Let's talk about bubbles for a moment.

[9:00] Homes are less expensive today compared to 14 years ago. Find out more. 

[10:20] Self-liquidating debt? 

[13:10] Looking back at bubbles, starting with .com

[16:15] Is bitcoin in a bubble?

[18:20] What's Tulip-Mania? The Tulip Bubble? 

[22:10] Twitter deleted 4.5 million accounts of conservative Twitter users. 

Logan Ransley

[27:30] Real Estate felt grim mid lockdown. 

[30:00] Rental reports don't show the same grim eviction rates that 'click-bate' portrayed through the 2020 pandemic. 

[31:00] Rental graphs being depicted based on numbers of 10,000 active leases. 

[34:20] What percentage of rent REALLY being collected, and how late?

[37:20] "Although the rent was taking longer to be connected, it was still being collected at the same rate."


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