Creating Wealth Real Estate Investing with Jason Hartman

Housing seems more expensive right now, but is it? Jason Hartman shares the analysis of home prices when discussing payment, inflation, and historically low-interest rates.

Obviously, 2020 was a rough ride for most businesses, particularly those included in the travel industry. Eric Moeller, CEO & Co-Founder of STR Legends, gives us a peek into his business through 2020 in the Short Term Rental market. STRs aren't just about the real estate business but also hospitality. Airbnb made some massive decisions to cater to the guests' needs and not so much their partners in business, the hosts. These hospitality decisions shifted how STRs had to operate to maintain high occupancy.

Book Recommendations: Skin In The Game Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Key Takeaways:

[1:35] Valentine's Day Inflation

[3:30] Are we in a bubble, potential housing crisis, or is housing actually cheaper?

[6:15] Beware of the "bankster," Skin In The Game.

[7:45] We are going through potentially the largest wealth transfer in history. 

[9:45] The average family is struggling to contend with home prices that are rising faster than income. Let's clarify what Lawrence Yun might have meant. 

Eric Moller

[16:20] In one year, the industry collapsed, there was speculation of AirBnB collapsing, and now a year later, the business model has changed, specifically the length of stay. 

[17:30] The urban markets have collapsed since COVID-19.

[19:00] Have the operators given cuts for longer stays?

[20:21] "30 Day Stays"

[23:55] "Home Instead of Home"

[26:30] Markets outside of major cities are doing 98% occupancy.

[27:15] Tiny home experiential markets, for the 30 Day Stay

[30:10] AirBnB decisions were being made to prop up their IPO rather than worry about their hosts.

[37:00] Even Google is trying to get into the short term rental market. 

[39:20] Airbnb is a great place for building your business compared to other OTAs (online travel agency)



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