Creating Wealth Real Estate Investing with Jason Hartman

In today's 10th episode, Jason Hartman talks with Dennis Kucinich, former Congressman and Democratic Presidential Candidate, as well as former Mayor of Cleveland. Dennis and Jason discuss how we may be able to fix political corruption, the demise of competition in today's society, what to do about companies growing too large, and more.

But before that, Jason answers a listener question about hedge funds buying so many single family properties in the US. Jason explains how investors can utilize what the hedge funds are doing to their own benefit, and why it's not as big a deal as many believe.

Key Takeaways:

[9:45] Mega banks are buying US real estate at incredible levels

[12:34] Even with institutional investors buying real estate at high levels it's still not a huge segment of the housing market

Dennis Kucinich Interview:

[17:41] Can we ever fix the political corruption problem?

[22:09] Some people in politics have the wrong nature of the world

[26:06] What can we do about the consolidation of wealth and the availability of capital for most businesses

[30:14] Competition is the essence of democracy


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