Creating Wealth Real Estate Investing with Jason Hartman

Home prices around the country have been skyrocketing, as everyone knows. That has given everyone equity they could never have expected, and made investors returns they could never have dreamed of.

Then, Jason went on Casey Weade's Retire with Purpose YouTube channel back at the beginning of the pandemic to discuss what's happening in the real estate market and what Jason expected to happen.

Key Takeaways:

[2:03] Home prices have now topped $350k

[7:38] The Hartman Comparison Index is always open for help from listeners

[10:38] Owning assets is what's making the rich richer right now

[14:12] If you had 10% equity in a property a year ago, you have likely made a 231% increase in your wealth in the property

Casey Interview of Jason:

[18:40] Where Jason saw the biggest opportunities in real estate

[21:26] The Rise of Suburbia is upon us

[25:27] Is now the time to buy or are better opportunities coming?

[32:14] Always search for necessity housing in suburban markets

[37:58] How the short-term rental market will change

[42:15] Look for an expansion in Section 8 program


Retire With Purpose on YouTube

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