Creating Wealth Real Estate Investing with Jason Hartman

The government is making changes to home owners that could very well be a boon to investors. How does a 40 year loan sound? Well, that may be on the horizon for us!

Jason examines the implications this could have, and then brings the first part of NFL Hall of Famer and Dallas Cowboy legend Emmitt Smith's keynote presentation at his mastermind from two weeks ago. Emmitt explains the world class advice he got from people growing up and how he was able to succeed in a world where so few do.

Key Takeaways:

[2:55] It's vital to remember the past

[9:09] FHFA is providing some people the ability to reduce their interest rates

[12:09] July's Empowered Investor meeting is focusing on asset protection plans and civil forfeitures

[17:11] Home retention is the #1 goal of government organizations right now

Emmitt Smith:

[19:55] Emmitt's involvement in real estate & Jerry Jones' simple, yet profitable, advice

[25:00] One of Emmitt's first mentors was his Pop Warner coach at the young age of 11

[28:40] Proverbs 3:6 was the scripture Emmitt's grandmother pointed him to when he went off on his own

[32:53] Always extend helping hand and leave the lights on for the next one through

[36:40] We're often very resistant to people challenging us, but we need it if they're trying to pull out our best


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