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Today Jason is at a Mastermind Conference in Tampa, Florida and has Darlene Root as his guest! She is an expert on IRAs, HSAs, 401Ks and "Qualified Plans." A potentially new law is on the horizon which will negatively affect us all.

Jason also talks about the 3 Dimensions of Real Estate and how we use it to protect us from the coming $3.5 Trillion "Grab" that the folks in Washington are planning, creating a 'reverse Robin Hood' effect affecting ROTH and TRADITIONAL IRAs, PPMs or Private Placement Memorandums and the most financially vulnerable. This only fuels Jason's conspiracy FACT and talks about why he never converted to a ROTH IRA.

The WEALTH TRANSFER is happening FAST! Protect your financial future now! Did you know that 25% to 40% of all dollars ever created were dumped into the economy last year???  This will be devastating to some and an opportunity to others, be sure you’re on the right side of this massive wealth transfer. Learn from our experiences, maximize your ROI and avoid regrets.

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