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In today's 10th episode, Jason welcomes Kari Lake. Kari is an American former television news journalist and anchor for KSAZ-TV television station in Phoenix. She stepped down from her anchor role in March 2021. She is a Republican candidate in the 2022 Arizona gubernatorial election.

Jason's Editorial:

[3:11] NPR's Skimpflation

[4:56] Shrinkflation

[6:53] Questions on the Journey to Excellence

[11:23] The Collective Mastermind Weekend Activities

Kari Lake Interview:

[13:52] The left losing balance

[16:30] You can’t hear the dogs that don’t bark

[19:45] Backfire

[21:13] A tyrant's dream

[22:24] What to do with BIG TECH

[28:28] Communism's ugly little brother and the left agenda

[32:02] MGTOW

[35:10] Pulling on the heart strings

[38:19] California 2.0

[40:52] How to support Kari Lake



Covid checks all the boxes for a tyrannical dictator- Jason Hartman

What else says "Lack of faith in the future" but the choice NOT to have children- Jason Hartman

Unlike in Las Vegas, what happens in Arizona doesn't stay in Arizona. The policies that affect us spread to other states-



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