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Happy thanksgiving! 

We may have a bunch of problems in our country but we can still be grateful for not waking up in North Korea today!  

He also talks about lessons from the 1970's, the real rates of return, the giant gap in inflation reports and the big lie that "inflation is good for the poor." We also hear from Ashley about the history of Zimbabwe and what lessons it can teach investors about jurisdictional diversification.

Key Takeaways:

[1:23] Happy thanksgiving!

[3:10] Inflation and real rates of return, don't outrun the bear

[4:51] Study the 1970s: Nixon and the big lie

[7:04] Chart: High Inflation & Real Rates: 1981 vs. 2021. Review the previous Dan Amerman podcast HERE.

[8:56] Giant gap in inflation- the bear in the woods is just not true

[11:15] Repeating history

[13:13] Another lie: "Inflation is good for the poor."

[15:46] The poor are worse off compared to the prosperity that's been created.

[17:03] Exalting the benefits of inflation- to the investor class

[18:27] Inflation Induced Debt Destruction (Watch the video HERE) Let inflation benefit you

[20:31] Putting Pandora back in the box

[22:00] The Latin American experience

[22:54] Single's day- Chinese Valentine's Day

[25:53] The Ashley Report: What Zimbabwe can teach investors about jurisdictional diversification



Chart: High Inflation & Real Rates: 1981 vs. 2021

Bureau of Labor Statistics



Those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it.


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