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Today is a special episode because it is both a Flash Back Friday AND a 10th episode show. It is from episode 650, first published last March 24, 2016.

For decades John Tesh has been entertaining people in all walks of life. He has excelled in live performances, sports announcing, news programs and now in radio on his Intelligence for Your Life TV show, where he shares the mic with his wife Connie Sellecca. He has earned six Grammys, two Emmys and an AP award for his brilliant work. In today’s podcast, John opens up to Jason about his various chosen professions, how he started his new venture and what really lights him up. Find out more about this amazing artist in this 10th episode lifestyle event.


Key Takeaways:

[5:45] Jason gets an email from listeners about autonomous vehicles. 

[20:53] John Tesh works in radio but sitting behind a grand piano is what lights him up.

[26:13] Tesh believes his show is a credible source of information in a sea of opinions.

[28:18] Is it wise to pick a lane or should you choose another path?

[32:39] In today’s world, you can reach your market directly through self-syndication.

[35:38] You can use the “against all odds” biographies of others as a blueprint for your life.

[40:53] Connie and John met at the gym. 

[43:50] Apprenticeship is the best education strategy.



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