Creating Wealth Real Estate Investing with Jason Hartman

Today, Jason defines luck as simply preparedness meeting opportunity, as Earl Nightingale puts it. He also talks about his experience with socio-economic classes, the great wealth transfer via the Cantillon effect and the CPI for billionaires. He also encourages you to visit and learn how you can protect your assets.

He also shares part 2 of his presentation at an Investment Fund Conference in Utah about his brand new index - The Hartman Comparison Index™ - a truly unique way to value real estate. In our daily lives, we constantly compare things to one another to obtain a better understanding of value and we must do the same thing with housing prices; we can’t just measure them in dollars, because the dollar is a moving target and its worth is constantly changing. Listen as Jason compares house prices to commodities historically to help us understand if we really are in a housing bubble. 

Key Takeaways:

[1:55] In harmony with the cycles of nature

[3:29] The Hartman Predictive Index & Forbes Index

[5:34] Lucky breaks and my 4 great mentors: Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn, Earl Nightingale and Dennis Waitley

[6:30] Mugged at knife point; different socio-economic classes

[8:08] Luck: preparedness meets opportunity

[10:00] CPI for billionaires: The cost of living extremely well

[11:01] 3 ways they manipulate the CPI and seeing the Cantillon effect

[12:43] Get your free report on how to invest in the midst of this pandemic

[13:06] Some items in the Cost of Living Extremely Well Index (CLEWI)

[19:37] Asset Protection, Tax Savings & Estate Planning:

[21:26] Don't feel sorry for the rich; follow their lead

Investment Fund Conference Utah Part 2

[22:50] Inflation is a hidden tax and thief and destroys the value of our debt

[26:15] Inflation is the most powerful method of wealth distribution

[28:00] When the government is broke, it becomes predatory on its citizens 

[29:45] People got paid to borrow money with negative interest rates

[33:10] The dollar is a moving target

[35:10] Cyclical, hybrid and linear markets

[38:28] After 50 years, it's still a temporary solution

[40:10] Case-Shiller Home Price Index vs the Consumer Price Index

[42:00] The Real House Price Index: house prices are now 28.6% cheaper than they were 21 years ago

[44:10] Measuring only in dollars is a mistake 

[46:30] The monthly payment is more important than the overall price




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