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Today's Flash Back Friday is from episode 266 first published on Jul 3, 2012.

Jason Hartman discusses the two California city bankruptcies that occurred in just one week. Both Stockton, California and Mammoth Lakes are seeking bankruptcy protection. Jason has been predicting municipal bankruptcies for about six years now noting how big government simple does not work, more to come.

Airbus is investing several hundred million dollars for a new manufacturing plant in Mobile, Alabama in hopes that the Airbus A320 can better compete with the Boeing 737 in the American market – this is good news for income property owners; however, it will take a few years to materialize.

Jason reviews investment property proformas at in a few of his recommended markets, here are some enticing projections:

Atlanta, GA (Stone Mountain area) $99,000 cash-on-cash 19%, overall ROI 37% annually
St. Robert, MO (Fort Leonard Wood) $215,000 cash-on-cash 22%, overall ROI 48% annually
Bartlett, TN (this was an example of a MISLEADING proforma showing a 114% annual ROI)
Memphis, TN $56,900 cash-on-cash 16%, overall ROI 29% annually

The cost of homeownership has dropped dramatically over the last 20 years and housing affordability is skyrocketing to an all-time high and Jason reviews a study by The Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard university with sources including: Primary Mortgage Market Survey; US Census Bureau, American Community Survey; Moody’s Analytics, JCHS tabulations of National Association of Realtors®, Composite Affordability Index (NSA) and Existing Single-Family Home Sales via Moody’s Analytics; Freddie Mac, median household income estimates.


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