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Today's Flash Back Friday is from episode 1089 first published last November 26, 2018.

Jason Hartman takes today’s episode to discuss some of the big issues in the real estate world. One of the biggest is the rising cost of labor that is causing rising construction costs that is causing a squeezing in the multi-family development. In regards to multi-family, however, we’re also seeing an increase in apartment inventory, which is starting to reach scary levels.

Jason also goes over some important economic news and ends with Og Mandino’s Mission Success.

Key Takeaways:

[4:02] No service and no people is a common theme in service businesses these days

[6:22] Increased labor costs are squeezing the multi-family development pipeline

[13:08] The apartment inventory is starting to get scary, with supply getting excessive

[21:56] Uncertainty over Brexit has caused people to seek safe haven in bonds

[26:28] Og Mandino’s Mission Success


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