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In today’s episode Jason talks about the upcoming show and his predictions for 2022, including shadow demand, urban dweller, rise of suburbia, remote worker, remote working out, multi-generational living, “The Grapes of Wrath” migration, supply demand shock, trickle up economics, Richard Cantillon, Joseph Schumpeter, National Housing Assistance, stagflation, Great Resignation, digital dollar, PTSD pandemic, tale of 3 markets, Universal Basic Income, Modern Monetary Theory, Socialism, surveillance and censorship society of 1984, crisis and opportunity, client case studies, and more!

He also welcomes former dentist turned real estate investor and author Dr. David Phelps, who recently launched his new book "Own Your Freedom: Sustainable Wealth in a Volatile World." David talks about his own experience of gaining financial freedom, going from trading his time for money to building an impressive portfolio of real estate income properties. Dr. Phelps is on a mission to help you achieve and own your financial freedom!

Key Takeaways:

8:40 Welcome Dr. David Phelps and his new book "Own Your Freedom: Sustainable Wealth in a Volatile World"

10:50 The safe and secure route then discovering real estate investing

13:54 The real estate light bulb went off

16:22 Owning assets is more powerful than your own efforts trading time for dollars

19:09 Instead of just spending, invest

22:14 Obtain your own financial freedom

24:08 You must put your own oxygen mask on first

26:08 The founding fathers and freedom

28:05 The decades of indoctrination

30:43 Regardless of what you believe, there is an agenda

32:15 Elevate yourself to investor status and the power of association, Ken McElroy and George Gammon and the Collective Mastermind

36:04 The mind of money



"Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely." Voltaire

We are here to protect the people, places and profits you care about in these turbulent times. Jason Hartman

Money always goes where it's treated best. Jason Hartman

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