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Today's Flash Back Friday is from episode 677 first published on May 23, 2016.

Jason's guest today George Gilder, has a brilliant way of looking at the world. He is back for his second interview and this time they are discussing his new book The Scandal of Money: Why Wall Street Recovers but the Economy Never Does. George has also authored Wealth and Poverty. He is the Co-founder of the Discovery Institute, one of the original pillars of supply-side economics and a former speechwriter for Ronald Reagan while Reagan was running for President. He says “You can print money but you can’t print value.”

Key Takeaways:

2:25 The whole world is being controlled by algorithms.

6:24 The 1031 exchange allows you to exchange one property for two and improves cash flow.

George Gilder Guest Interview:

10:27 The closed loop economy is not the fault of Capitalism, it is the Federal Reserve and the Obama Administration.

13:23 Because of regulations and restrictions companies don’t want to go public.

16:45 Supply-side surges the economy up by enabling creativity and growth.

21:51 How is the Fed keeping a closed loop economy?

26:38 The goal of the future is to dismantle this paralyzing regulatory apparatus and reforming the Fed.

28:41 China has demographic problems but they have a massive expansion of venture capital.

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