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George Gammon hosts Jason as he speaks at the Rebel Capitalist Live Conference last January 7-9, 2022 in Houston. In part 1, Jason gives his predictions for this year and beyond. He talks about the state of the current market and where we're headed as well as giving raw data for everyone to come up with their own conclusions. To see the charts Jason talks about in the video, pls go to his YouTube channel HERE.

Key Takeaways:

2:03 Horse medicine, handshaking and anti bodies

4:50 Get your tickets to the LIVE virtual Creating Wealth event

7:46 Introductory comments

9:03 Predictions and a decline of standard of living

14:12 Inventory, bubble and the entry level housing

17:26 Government's solution to the housing crisis

20:48 Client case studies and

23:34 Why income property is the most historically proven asset class in the world

28:13 Another client case study

29:12 The economy is fake news and population issues

33:19 The kleptocracy hiding inflation and selling America off

34:26 A few of the kleptocrats we can follow



Success leaves clues- Jim Rohn




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