Creating Wealth Real Estate Investing with Jason Hartman

Today Jason gives a summary on the Creating Wealth Live virtual event that took place last weekend. He also reminds all Empowered Investor Inner Circle members of their monthly meeting every first Tuesday of the month. And a bit of a public service announcement for the members of The Collective Mastermind- it is chilly in Florida, so dress accordingly! He also talks about "buyer's remorse" and how time gives us a better perspective on things.

Jason also hosts Tina Tamboer, senior housing analyst with The Cromford Report to discuss housing trends, household formation and relocation, and real estate market predictions for 2022. Are we in for a housing price crash or boom? The consensus right now, according to most analysts, is to expect prices to continue rising, but not at the rate we saw over the last year, however some industry professionals are predicting a decline. What are their reasons? Tina shares her methodology for evaluating current and future real estate prices and they discuss market predictions from Goldman Sachs, Core Logic, American Enterprise Institute, Zelman & Associates, and The Mortgage Bankers Association. ​

Watch the video in YouTube HERE.

Key Takeaways:

2:02 Creating Wealth Live virtual event report and the EIIC monthly meeting

3:46 Buyer's remorse

5:23 Unanswered prayers and dodging bullets; gaining perspective in time

9:34 It's cool and chilly in Florida 

11:16 Whitney Houston's One Moment in Time

18:36 Tina Tamboer is a senior housing analyst with The Cromford Report

19:54 Predictions for 2022 - can we expect a housing price crash or boom?

21:30 Household formation and relocation trends affect supply and demand

23:45 Airbnb short term rental market crash

29:03 Bad predictions that missed the mark last year

30:30 Why interest rates are one of the most difficult things to predict and is Zillow too big to fail?

32:39 Mortgage forbearance and foreclosure crisis

37:50 Do house flippers and iBuyers represent real demand or only interim demand?

42:09 Lending practices and interest rates

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"Time heals all wounds" - Anonymous

"Luck is what happens when preparedness meets opportunity" - Earl Nightingale

"Luck is the word we use to describe successful people we don't like" - Paul Harvey

"You're a winner for a lifetime if you seize that one moment in time" - Whitney Houston 


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