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Today Jason talks about strategically forming relationships and to "not let life pick your associations by accident" i.e. be intentional with whom you associate. In life and in business, know the WHO, not the HOW.  

Jason also welcomes Uros and Marijana for today's client case study. They are originally from Serbia then moved to Vancouver, Canada last 2014 and decided to invest with Jason's company.  Canada is a proxy for all foreign nationals who want to invest in the US housing market. They are also joined by Shannon, one of Jason's lending partners. Listen in and see if you qualify!

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Key Takeaways:

1:30 Client Case study of foreign nationals investing in the American real estate market

2:43 The Collective Mastermind- strategically forming relationships

6:35 A $500 real internal age test

7:46 "Don't let life pick your associations by accident"

9:47 Join our coaching program or Empowered Investor Inner Circle. Know the WHO, not the how

12:07 Reduced housing inventory leads to more renters

15:27 The population that matters

17:31 Housing inventory numbers

Client Case Study:

19:40 Meet Uros and Marijana

26:49 It has to make sense the day you buy them

28:04 Shannon and the housing programs for non-Americans and the 30 year fixed rate mortgage

32:45 High Inflation and stagflation

35:21 Using debt like the wealthy to become rich; the decline of standards of living

37:00 Goals, loan limits and qualifications for foreign nationals

40:14 International background check

41:46 Personal loans from banks in Canada with offices in America

45:41 Join The Collective Mastermind

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"Don't let life pick your associations by accident"- Jason Hartman

"The biggest challenge we have, is that we don't have enough people."- Elon Musk


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