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Today Jason talks about art, love and the peak of human civilization and how things have been downhill ever since 1990! He also shows you how amazing income property is through the concept of "Share of Income."

And welcome back Simon Caron, the Uneducated Economist, as he and Jason finish their talk about economics and the housing market, it's many facets and troubles! 

With a background in the lumber industry and his direct work in sales at a lumberyard, Simon's research comes from real world, real life experience as he deals firsthand with the current building material and lumber shortage logistical nightmare on a daily basis. He reports that lead time for a lot of building materials is now three months and discusses the Cantillon Effect, worsening inequality and the crisis builders are facing just to get their projects completed. Builders are having to order supplies before they even have a permit, putting the cart before the horse! Simon also encourages you to pay close attention to debt (especially corporate debt), rising interest rates and central bank digital currencies.

Key Takeaways:

Jason's editorial

1:03 Feedback on Jason's expose' - or rant!

3:48 Give give give

6:00 The most powerful forms of art

8:29 Love- it's a marketplace just like real estate

12:23 Energy, sperm, plastics and channeling your sexual energy

15:40 Share of income

Simon Caron, the uneducated economist

19:54 Opinion about the supply chain

21:31 Simon explains the Cantillon Effect

24:20 The Cantillon Effect leads to wealth transfer and poverty

26:46 How will this building and construction issue play out over the next 1-2 years?

29:29 The Fed has lost control over inflation

32:08 California's supply chain problems and shortages

36:29 Pay attention to debt (especially corporate debt), rising interest rates and central bank digital currencies

39:19 Moving away from the Dollar as a reserve currency

40:25 The good, the bad, and the ugly about central bank digital currencies

42:02 Central bank digital currencies and universal basic income are inextricably connected

44:17 It's become burdensome to use cash

47:04 Find Simon Caron on YouTube, Instagram and



Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill


Fashion is a catalyst for attraction- Jason Hartman



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