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Today, Jason shows us a chart about productivity and compensation, and how the disparity between the leadership in corporations, the shareholders and the average worker are so enormous and egregious and disconnected. He also talks about why homes are so expensive, the price increase in housing materials and the labor shortage.

Moreover, Jason shares a short video by Larry Kudlow talking about how we can save America, by killing inflation. Jason also discusses how we can use debt to create wealth by using his revolutionary strategy of Inflation Induced Debt Destruction! And in a future episode, we will have a returning guest, Laurence Kotlikoff, for an update on the numbers surrounding the unfunded government mandates.

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Key Takeaways:

1:45 Chart- Productivity and compensation

5:48 The 70's and 80's

7:41 CEO wages vs. the average wage

11:06 No real increase in pay

12:06 Costs for home construction materials and labor are UP!

15:12 Buffet, Munger, cryptocurrencies, venereal disease and rat poison

19:03 Corporatocracy, feminism and egg freezing, plastics and sperm counts

23:27 Save America- Kill Inflation

29:08 There is no Reagan or Paul Volcker. This Inflation is NOT transitory

30:35 Join our mentoring and coaching program

31:45 The great migration and the flattening of America's talent pool

33:12 Ashley's Blogcast: How to Profit from Millions of Americans Moving to the Suburbs



Milton Friedman's "Free to Choose"

Peter Drucker

Lou Dobbs' "War on the Middle Class"

Tim Cook of Apple

Larry Ellison of Oracle

Ed Brady of Home Builders Institute video HERE

Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger

Ronald Reagan and Paul Volcker

John Steinbeck's The Grapes of Wrath



"A corporation has only one responsibility and that is to its shareholders" - Milton Friedman


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