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As Russia’s war on Ukraine rages on, Jason Hartman investigates the potential economic aftermath of this crisis on the financial markets and what it means for ordinary citizens. The Federal Reserve’s Jerome Powell said that the Ukraine war is creating risk of even higher inflation, but that sounds like a scapegoat, an excuse for his own loose money policies and so called “transitory” inflation. Russia is one of the world's top energy producers, so of course we’re seeing pain at the gas pump, with gas prices reaching almost $7/gallon in California and soaring all across the nation.  Jason’s interview with Harry Dent continues as he makes his case for an imminent stock market crash, recommends getting out of risky assets, protecting yourself and preparing yourself for the buying opportunity the lifetime once the smoke clears. 

Key Takeaways:

Jason's editorial

- Welcome to our listeners from 189 countries worldwide

- Are we on the verge of WWIII?

- The Federal Reserve’s Jerome Powell using war in Ukraine as a scapegoat

- The war machine destroys, then recreates demand

- Venezuela is pushing to lift US sanctions

- Gas is $7/gallon in California

- Wheat prices driven to near record levels

- Russian and Belarusian corporate bond plummet 70%

- Jason’s Packaged Commodity Investing strategy

- Jason's Ten Commandments of Investing

- Technology changes our perception of value

- Fear of global recession 

- Interview with Peter Zeihan, Geopolitical Strategist

- Contest announcement 

Harry Dent Interview

- Once in a lifetime peak of a major stock market bubble 

- S&P 500 about to fall apart

- Is gold a safe haven? What about bonds?

- Peter Schiff and deflation 

- $540 trillion in financial assets globally

- The Cantillon Effect - the rich are getting richer 

- Learn more at 

- Real estate bubble? 


Jason's Ten Commandments of Investing:

Jason’s Interview with Peter Zeihan:


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