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This is a 10th episode show! Jason is joined today by Selwyn Duke, a freelance writer who describes himself as a “teller of Truth and leftists' worst nightmare” in his Twitter bio ( He is a writer and columnist who has been widely published online and in print, on the local and national levels. He has written for The New American for more than a decade. He has also written for The Hill, Observer, The American Conservative, WorldNetDaily and many others. He has appeared on local and national radio hundreds of times including more than 50 appearances on the award-winning Savage Nation radio program with Michael Savage. His work has been featured by talk-show giant Rush Limbaugh, and it has also been reprinted in college reference textbooks (Cengage Learning).

Together they talk about how music, entertainment and media have been tremendous influencers in our culture.

But before that, Jason gives us more data, showing the number of mortgages by interest rate, which proves again that there is NO impending housing crash on the horizon and that the MORTGAGE is the asset!

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Key Takeaways:

Jason's editorial

0:00 Welcome to our 10th episode 1910

2:14 Possibly the most impactful thing in history

4:21 Jason's 3 most important forms of art; first, architecture

8:21 Second most important art form, Music

10:43 And lastly, fashion

13:07 An excerpt from one of Selwyn Duke's article: Influential Beats, the cultural impact of music

13:34 Number of mortgages by interest rates

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Selwyn Duke interview

20:45 Welcome Selwyn Duke, “teller of Truth"

22:30 Looking at the things we grew up with- music, tv shows, critically

28:46 Revolutionary shifts having tremendous impact in society

34:54 Addressing the demoralization of society with something ageless

37:57 "As goes the music, so goes society" Homer's Odyssey and it's impact on our culture

40:30 Judging these things under the light of virtue

45:55 Impacting society with the music that is promoted

49:01 When the "ball keeps moving"

51:31 Hedonic adjustment; promoting violence in entertainment

57:40 Identifying the morality behind the violence 

1:01:29 Awash in relativism, we see the degradation of culture

1:07:07 Media fragmentation; evaluating civilizations

1:13:10 Balancing conformity and variety



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