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"You date the rate, but marry the property!" Today Jason talks about how when you purchase a house, you lock in the mortgage rate but you can still renegotiate- indefinitely. And this is one of the great things with income property. You can refinance that loan, you can improve the property etc. 

Jason also goes through a few cash balance charts as he gives us a little bit of inside information on the real estate business beyond buyers, sellers and builders and the dynamic that goes into buying and selling. And after looking at these charts, the advice is: delay gratification and follow Jason's commandment number 3- be a DIRECT investor!

And even when looking at the NAR numbers versus Altos Research, housing inventory is still tight!

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Key Takeaways:

0:00 Welcome to episode 1913! Jason's moving residence

2:20 "You date the rate, but marry the property!"

6:12 Cash Balance Chart Q2 2022; A little bit of internal information on the real estate

8:03 New York rents rates- admitting when you are wrong!

9:46 Compass' Cash Balance chart and delaying gratification

14:29 Announcing the Empowered Investor LIVE conference and the Empowered Investor Pro Zoom call on the first Tuesday of every month

15:22 Inflation rate and nominal interest rate by country

17:07 China has stopped publishing economic statistics

17:48 Where the US is at in the chart; rent surveys weighted against multifamily homes

19:46 Buying a cup of coffee with a trillion Zimbabwe dollars

21:38 Housing inventory slightly drops; comparing apples to apples, NAR vs. Altos Research numbers

26:55 Existing home sales 2021 and 2022 

29:41 Existing home sales (SAAR) and number of mortgages by interest rate

31:08 The Empowered Investor Pro community



Altos Research

National Association of Realtors

Calculated Risk Blog




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