Creating Wealth Real Estate Investing with Jason Hartman

In the last episode, we covered very important points on inflation and its effect on the housing market. Today, we’re back with Dr. Marc Faber to discuss more about what we have going on, how it is affecting us, and what we can do to adapt so we can remain profitable throughout this downturn. 


Listen now to better understand what’s happening today so you can plan ahead!


Key Talking Points of the Episode


[00:00] Introduction

[02:55] What is happening to the cryptocurrency market?

[08:43] Does money buy happiness?

[11:05] How does our idea of money change through time?

[13:35] What is the importance of the ability to give?

[16:31] What is the best way to make use of the money you’re making?

[19:10] What is the US Mortgage-Free Home Share chart telling us?

[23:45] What is happening to real estate companies today?

[26:03] How can you secure your assets in this economy?

[27:30] What is corruption actually like?

[29:05] What are Marc’s thoughts on the Euro as a currency?

[32:41] Where does Marc’s knowledge on this case come from?

[34:28] What is Marc’s take on dollar strength today?

[37:52] What are Marc’s thoughts on bitcoin?

[39:20] What is Marc’s advice for the listeners?

[44:15] Where can you connect with Marc?

[45:05] What is The Collective?




“What the crypto world needs if it’s going to be fixed is not regulation, as much as it needs the decentralized protocol, it’s a hopeful, trustful system.” - Jason Hartman


“When you don’t have something, you really want it. If you get some of it, it’s gonna make you happy.” - Jason Hartman


“Nothing works as well as money in the areas that money works. Money is without competition in its fields.” - Jason Hartman


“There’s all kinds of opportunities like that – to use your money and really have experiences that build really lasting memories and enrich your life.” - Jason Hartman


“No asset is safe, so if you want to live safely and peacefully, you have to have different assets in different sovereign states, in different jurisdictions.” - Marc Faber


“The big loser in this whole conflict is Western Europe. It’s as if some people in America wanted to destroy Western Europe.” - Marc Faber


“I think the US dollar is grossly overvalued but it doesn’t mean that because it’s grossly overvalued, it will tumble right away. It was grossly overvalued throughout the 60s, but it took until ‘71 to really drop.” - Marc Faber




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