Creating Wealth Real Estate Investing with Jason Hartman

In this world we live in, the people who invest are the people who win. If you’re serious about achieving success as an investor, you need to understand the principles that make you an empowered investor and how you can separate yourself from those who are just speculating and gambling in the market.


Listen to this episode to learn more about the principles of being an empowered investor and how you can begin using them to achieve success in the real estate space!


Key Talking Points of the Episode


00:00 Introduction

03:00 How do you become an empowered investor?

04:41 What do empowered investors invest in?

06:15 How do empowered investors plan their goals?

07:39 Why do empowered investors continue investing?

08:57 What is the importance of understanding the infinite game?

12:01 How do empowered investors invest their money?

14:54 Why is it important to be a direct investor?

16:05 Why do you need to get educated?

17:53 How will you be able to learn the most?

20:47 How can you focus and diversify with income properties?

22:55 How can you be more resourceful? 

26:31 What does a high credit score actually mean?

27:45 What is the importance of leverage to your success?

30:40 Why should you take advantage of tax benefits?

32:51 What is The Collective?




“Empowered investors invest in necessities, not fluff. They invest in the things that people need.” - Jason Hartman


“They plan and they align their goals with the things that actually work, with the things that make sense.” - Jason Hartman


“The people consistently investing are people who win over the long term. They win the big game.” - Jason Hartman


“Life is not a finite game by any means. It is definitely an infinite game and the goal of the infinite game is to keep playing the game.” - Jason Hartman


“The asset class is so forgiving that even without much education, without pursuing it, without listening to things like this, you can do pretty darn well.” - Jason Hartman


“Self-made is sort of an expression, a cliche, but the reality is we all had some help from somebody.” - Jason Hartman


“Learning with conferences and seminars, podcasts, and Youtube videos – that’s very helpful, but the best thing is learning from the people on your team.” - Jason Hartman


“Credit is an asset and if it is unused, it is an asset that’s going to waste.” - Jason Hartman


“You gotta use your credit because leverage can be such a powerful asset.” - Jason Hartman




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