Creating Wealth Real Estate Investing with Jason Hartman

Riding on what the corporate landlords or institutional investors are doing, Jason and his clients i.e YOU, can benefit from these big players when it comes to raising rents, something that they are much better at doing! These corporations make up only 2% of the rental market, making you, and investors like you the major players. However, you can retain your tenants better they they can. So listen in and learn!

Jason also welcomes Chris MacIntosh of Today they talk about the ending era of cheap money and its implications towards investing as a whole.

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Key Takeaways:

Jason's editorial

1:41 Looking back in time at the FED

2:25 Renegotiating the RE deal and creating Rent-To-Own deals

3:53 The FED's stimulating the economy and the Baltic Index

5:03 Rising housing costs, Owner's Equivalent Rent and being on the right side of the 'equation'

9:22 Institutional investor Tricon

12:08 Just as Jason predicted last Feb 2020- families will need more space

13:10 Corporate landlords are only 2%; most of it is YOU

14:50 The benefit of institutional landlords- they are better at raising rents

17:34 Having a sense of history; sorting the market out

19:08 Learn from my 3 decades of experience: you can keep renegotiating the deal

20:01 A compelling lifestyle; growing up in a shared economy

22:06 Renting the American dream

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Chris MacIntosh Interview

24:01 Chris MacIntosh and the end of cheap money & the debt cycle

28:10 The trade that needs to be made

32:02 Where capital does not go



"The best thing you can have in your resume' is mobility; to be able to move to where the jobs are." - Jason Hartman


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