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"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act." That statement, made by Orson Wells in his book 1984, which was written back in 1948, rings absolutely true especially with the release of the recent Twitter Files!  

The possibility of a perpetual source of clean energy, has given Jason a bit of hope as he declares a statement he hasn't made in a long while (given all the censorship and political climate, among other things): "It's an amazing time to be alive!" And a move by a county to secede from California and the shortage of housing inventory has definitely made things more interesting!

And today, Jason talks with the co-founder of Reaganomics, Paul Craig Roberts. Together, they discuss some of the international threats that could face America, thanks to the recent actions from Washington. Specifically, they deal with issues of demography, currency and military developments in Russia and China and consider the potential impact of each of these on the United States. Note: This conversation was originally recorded in 2014 and shows how timely Mr. Roberts' comments are.

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And at the risk of offending some listeners... Merry Christmas! Or if you prefer, Happy Holidays!

Key Takeaways:

Jason's editorial

1:22 A revolutionary act

2:28 Introducing Paul Craig Roberts

2:53 Housing inventory this week and Reaganomics

4:06 Demand side: total single family homes pending contract with new contracts per week 

9:16 Housing inventory extremely low, far from a "normal" market

11:07 What it means for prices and rents

11:45 A new hope, a perpetual motion machine

17:08 The average pay on Wall Street

19:26 So long, California! Major county to study secession 

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Paul Craig Roberts interview

23:21 Welcome, Paul

24:45 The ruble should be strong in comparison to the dollar, and yet the ruble is risking collapse.

28:39 The reserve currency status no longer seems as stable when we look at potential drops in use of the dollar.

35:55 Paul Craig Roberts describes the US’s current position with regards to Russia and China.

45:56 We’ve got a whole generation of people who now can’t afford to live on their own terms.

49:50 The discussion moves to inflation and how it could transform the US economy.

57:57 With so many problems, is there a solution?


"They're full of hubris, they're arrogant. I know them. I spent 25 years with them. I've never met 12 intelligent people in Washington." - Paul Craig Roberts

"We don't need a $1 Trillion military security complex. The only enemy we have are the ones we create for ourselves in order to keep the military security entitlement going." - Paul Craig Roberts 


So Long, California Newser article

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