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These days, people are faced with the TINA problem! Jason expounds on the housing shortage as he shows us a chart from the NAR. Make sure to check out the video when it comes out on Jason's YouTube channel. He also talks about how the human race is at an inflection point in history as the world begins to be more aware of the emerging technology of A.I.   

So in this episode, released last November 2018, Jason talks with Scott Klososky, founder & principal of TriCorps Technologies, about the digital transformation. The two explain what that means, what kind of protections you need to put in place in today's technological world. Technology can both help you prosper and protect you, and you need to be sure that you understand both sides of the coin.

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Key Takeaways:

Jason's editorial

1:28 Overview of today's podcast

2:17 The rise of A.I- an inflection point in human history

6:06 NAR US Existing Home Inventory

9:52 Sign up for the EMPOWERED INVESTOR LIVE conference today!

10:00 The share of homes bought with cash hit a multi-year high

12:56 Gaining a perspective on history: Oil and OPEC, on this day in 1973

16:22 Go to for your tickets to the Empowered Investor LIVE 

Scott Klososky interview

17:48 What the digital transformation means

19:07 3 things business owners should be concerned about when it comes to technology

24:43 Should we be concerned about AI?

29:00 Technology can help you prosper and protect, so don't just focus on prosper

34:41 Why can online portals not be held liable for things said on their platforms as opposed to traditional outlets like newspapers?



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