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Today, Jason is joined by Rick Sharga of ATTOM Data Solutions, licensor of the nation’s most comprehensive foreclosure data and parent company to RealtyTrac (, a foreclosure listings and search portal. 

Is there a looming housing crisis? Not according to the data! Listen in and get the facts minus the misinformation and hype from the YouTube click bait sensationalist 'chicken littles'!

Key Takeaways:

Jason's editorial

1:22 Rick Sharga on the show today!

2:01 Negative 45% in office REITs; the declining need for office space

5:47 Outsourcing everything but not housing

9:49 Chart: Number of mortgages by interest rate

10:28 Chart: Household equity bubble 2.0


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Rick Sharga interview

15:30 Welcome back Rick

16:12 Is the sky falling? The numbers say NO

21:51 Chart: GDP Recovers After Two Consecutive Negative Quarters

23:25 Chart: Employment has fully recovered

25:29 Chart: Jobs, wages continue to grow

26:39 What gets your goat?

28:36 Chart: Consumer Spending soars, while confidence plummets

31:48 Consumer credit grows, while savings rate declines

36:21 Inflation still high, but may have peaked

37:14 The Federal Reserve has taken aggressive action

38:50 Yield curve inversion: is a recession inevitable

40:09 Will Federal Reserve cause a recession

43:07 Chart: Mortgage rates still near 20 year high



"Wages for the first time in many years are growing faster than home prices." - Rick Sharga

"The government took a 3 trillion dollar hole and stuffed 15 trillion dollars into it." - Friend of Rick's

"When you have 50% more money floating around, you're going to have inflation!" Rick Sharga



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