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Welcome one of Jason's senior investment counselors.

Sara, a CA licensed agent, met Jason Hartman and attended her first Creating Wealth Seminar, in May 2007. Sara realized that working with him would be a perfect fit and joined the team as the National Rental Coordinator. She has successfully assisted many clients with getting their properties leased. Sara is now a Sr. Investment Counselor. “I feel extremely blessed to be a part of such an amazing team of highly qualified and experienced individuals.” Initially, Sara’s main objective was to put her family’s equity to work, so she worked closely with her team and purchased her first investment property at the young age of twenty-four. Sara is now planning her next strategic move in creating her mini-real estate empire. She would like to help her client’s achieve success and financial freedom through real estate investing, while executing the same strategies herself. “I truly believe real estate is the superior investment vehicle! If I can do it, you can too!”

If you are ready to put your money to work, please call Sara today at 714-820-4234. Specialties: Nationwide Income Property Investing.

Key Takeaways:

Jason's editorial

1:21 Welcome Senior Investment Counselor Sara

1:44 Housing inventory falls under 1M again as sales collapse

3:43 Number of consumers with New foreclosures and bankruptcies 

7:35 Homelessness, scarcity and overpopulation

11:18 An overview of my Japan trip

12:28 The lack of sellers is also a demand problem

14:02 Altos: latest data shows surprising home price strength

15:03 Price reductions fall

16:06 Last chance to buy your tickets to the Empowered Investor LIVE conference TODAY!

16:50 Book a few days for some cruising and coaching! Get your tickets to a Western Caribbean vacation with one on one coaching with Jason!

Sara's interview

17:32 Welcome investment counselor Sara

18:30 Ear to the ground; how clients/investor are reacting to the market

21:56 Money doesn't sleep

24:30 Purchasing power is going down, rents are going up with inflation

26:17 Sara's favorite markets right now

28:28 What about the older markets

30:04 'Rehabs' and the rent-to-value (RTV) ratio

31:58 Expectations of a market that no longer exists

33:05 The one percent RTV, old properties vs. new and the labor shortages

36:12 All you have to do is outrun the other guy- not the bear

38:45 Talk to your investment counselor about your plans for the future

42:24 Come to the Empowered Investor Live conference! Building bonds with our local market specialists

43:55 Join the Empowered Investor Pro community



"Life is on-the-job training." - Jason Hartman

"Investors always invest!" - Investment counselor Sara

"Money doesn't sleep" - Jason Hartman



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Thomas Robert Malthus

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