Creating Wealth Real Estate Investing with Jason Hartman

Jason just finished the Empowered Investor Live weekend and it was a raving success! So much wisdom, so much learning, so much networking and so much FUN! And the air guitar contest was a blast- with some of our contestants dressed up as rock stars! But if you missed this awesome event, you can still watch it by getting the video recordings which will be available soon. We will be announcing the release date for it hopefully in a few days.

Today, Jason is interviewed by Daniel Kwak. They talk about the current massive housing shortage especially entry-level homes, speculation versus investments, T.I.N.A., having an investors mindset, why income property is the most favored asset class in the world, advice to the novice investor and much more. 

Key Takeaways:

Jason's editorial

1:23 A brief Empowered Investor Live report

3:41 Get the video recordings. Visit to know when it will be available.

Daniel's interview

4:20 How Jason got his start

5:40 Delaying gratification- a sign of maturity

7:09 Jason' first rental property and tenants

9:08 Income property: a multi-dimensional asset class

10:00 The deal is never final

11:53 Playing the long game

12:44 Who is a true investor; creating legitimate value over time

14:26 Commandment #5 of Jason's 10 commandments of investing

16:00 Advice for the novice investor

19:10 T.I.N.A. and the Jason Hartman question

22:55 The importance of 'self talk' and evaluating true money

26:08 Chart: Number of mortgages by interest rate 

30:45 Low supply inventory and the home builders

34:05 Are we going to see a move to multifamily housing?

36:02 Macro forecast- the trend is going up!

37:23 Best advice for novice investors



"No one is surveying single family homes." - Jason Hartman

"Powell and the FED has put a poison pill into the real estate market." - Jason Hartman


David Graeber's book "Debt The First 5,000 Years" 




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