Creating Wealth Real Estate Investing with Jason Hartman

Greetings from Quito, Ecuador! Today Jason looks at the housing inventory year on year using data from Altos Research. He also reminds us of the LTI or Land to Improvement Ratio when insulating yourself from risk and determine the markets that are profitable for investors.

Then, Jason welcomes back his local market specialist for Florida. So what are the BEST real estate markets investors need to look at in Florida this year? Listen in as Jim and Jason dive in to these specific markets and see why these are currently viable markets for you in which to invest.

Key Takeaways:

Jason's editorial

1:26 US SFR Total Available Inventory- Weekly, Yearly

4:04 The Hartman Risk Evaluator, LTV and the LTI Ratio

7:14 New listings were down again this week, but only by 5% from one year ago

Interview with Jim, Florida Local Market Specialist

10:37 Meet Jim, Jason's man in Florida

11:19 Frequently Asked Questions

14:03 A staggering shortage of housing; even more on the lower price range homes

15:20 Affordability: Comparing Salt Lake Utah vs. Cape Coral Florida

18:02 Comparing Boise, Idaho vs. Jacksonville, Florida

19:17 $637M under asset management and $47M in recurring revenue

19:42 Florida is in the middle of a housing shortage

20:03 A $1B joint venture with JP Morgan and a recent land acquisition by American Homes 4 Rent 

20:31 Currently negotiating with 2 large institutional buyers and 3D printed houses

22:57 $125M in sales with individual investors across 14 markets in Florida

23:24 Jacksonville Market: 2019 & 2022

24:54 Where we are in Florida and the hurricane issue

29:07 Why the build-to-rent model works so well

30:26 The population is growing- be the one to provide shelter



"The entry-level housing shortage will never be resolved without a major decline in the population or a major disruptive technology of some sort that none of us could even imagine." - Jason Hartman



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