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Today Jason has a fascinating conversation with Tobias Peter, a research fellow at the American Enterprise Institute Housing Center. Jason discovers that the housing shortage could be worse. Plus, Tobias talks about the one solution to the country's shortage problem- the federal government's non-participation in the housing sector. Because all throughout history of the government's involvement, it has done so towards unintended negative consequences. 

Key Takeaways:

Jason's editorial

1:23 Welcome Tobias Peter

2:04 "How to lie with statistics" - US existing home sales

4:55 Sales volume: US existing home sales

5:33 Same chart, different starting point

6:21 One million starting point

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Tobias Peter interview Part 1

9:22 AEI Housing Market Indicators (HMI) and Purchase activity outlook given headwinds 

10:19 YOY Home Price Appreciation (HPA)

12:22 YOY Home Price Appreciation (HPA) by Metro (60 largest)

14:40 Geography is less meaningful than it's ever been in human history

16:58 HPA: December 2023 and 2024 projections

18:39 The problem with the Case-Schiller Index

20:44 Housing inventory and month's supply- we are far from a housing crash

23:25 A positive sign- from California 

26:13 The infamous Coastal Commission in California

28:30 A quarter century of mortgage risk

29:13  FHA loans- setting minorities up for failure

31:23 We have a better alternative


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