Creating Wealth Real Estate Investing with Jason Hartman

Jason's back from Ecuador and today he is going to make a broad macro economic prediction about the FED and interest rates. But to set things up, he talks about the bank debacles happening recently, the jobs market and shares data from Altos Research as well as Black Knight that shows the housing market is definitely experiencing a shortage and thus, a crash is not inevitable as many of the other 'experts' are claiming! The data is just not there! We are moving into a world of high inflation and credit tightening and you as an investor can take advantage of this!

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Key Takeaways:

1:22 Had an awesome trip to Quito and the Galapagos islands

1:51 South and Central America versus North American corruption

3:40 The dysfunctional world of social media influencers

5:00 Predictions- right and wrong

9:24 US bank failures by share of total assets

12:28 Why it matters and some staggering numbers

14:28 Gold bugs talking to the FED

16:10 Three Dimensions of Real Estate and mortgage sequencing

18:55 A world of high inflation and credit tightening

20:05 The tsunami of money- the absolute rush to money market accounts

20:44 April's job numbers are pretty good resulting in inflation!

22:03 Altos research: Housing inventory supply

24:08 Black Knight: New Real Estate Listings

28:35 Black Knight Home Price Index

30:06 Black Knight: mortgage delinquencies by severity

32:16 A proforma 9 years ago in Atlanta, Georgia on Fakebook

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37:57 A broad macro economic prediction: the FED will let inflation run



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