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In today's episode, Rick continues his series of charts that show where the current local housing markets are. See prices declining most rapidly in western states while Jason's linear markets like Alabama and parts of Florida continue to  increase. Migration patterns, job and population growth are factors in local markets are things investors need to understand if they are to succeed and make profits. You almost have to ignore these national headlines that do not inform you of these critical local market trends. 

Discover how most states experienced price increases in March, with western states witnessing the most significant price declines. Learn about population migration patterns from high-cost and high-tax states, as well as the impact of remote work on the crash of office and commercial real estate in San Francisco. Explore the current talent diaspora and its implications for the market. Get insights on the year-over-year decline in single-family residences and the gradual rise of multifamily properties. Analyze Q1 rental rates, SFH data, and rent increases to identify signs of recovery. Understand how migration patterns from high-cost to lower-cost regions are driving prices.

Explore the exit ratios of major coastal metros in the U.S. and the close correlation between job growth and population migration. Discover how demographics could provide a positive influence on the market. Gain insights into the significant presence of investors and cash buyers, who accounted for 45% of Q1 2023 sales. Evaluate the housing affordability index and its limitations. Lastly, dive into the outlook for 2023. Don't miss this comprehensive analysis of the real estate landscape!

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Key Takeaways:

Jason's editorial

1:22 The misinformation out there just continues to amaze me

2:28 Check out Jason's YouTube channel to comment and see the graphs and charts

Rick Sharga interview Part 2

2:54 Most states saw prices increase in March

5:42 Prices declining most rapidly in western states

6:57 Population migration patterns from high cost and high tax states

8:30 Working remotely and the crash of office and commercial real estate in San Francisco

10:29 "The World is Flat" - the current talent diaspora

12:11 SFR decline YOY, Multifamily Rises but slowly

13:06 Q1 rental rates show signs of recovery and SFH data and rent increases

20:05 Migration Patterns from high cost to lower cost regions drive prices

20:58 Major coastal metros have highest exit ratios in the U.S.

21:37 Job growth tracks closely to population migration patterns

24:18 Demographics should ultimately provide a tailwind for the market

25:35 Investors and cash buyers account for 45% of Q1 2023 sales

27:54 The housing affordability index and its shortcomings

3018 Outlook for 2023



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