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Today's episode continues with Jason and Jay Parsons talking about the current state of the rental market and the impact of institutional landlords in single-family home investments. Despite concerns about high rent-income ratios, Parsons believes that the reality is different and that leasing to someone paying half their income on rent is improbable. They also discuss the low inventory in the housing market, the decrease in sales volume, and the absence of a crash despite interest rate increases. Parsons attributes the stability of the market to favorable income levels, job security, and low distress in the homeownership market. They anticipate that banks will work with consumers through loan modifications in the event of a sustained shock.

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Key Takeaways:

1:28 Jason and Coco on a yacht in Greece

Jay Parsons' interview part 2

3:04 Issues with the rent index

5:50 The future of institutional landlords

7:38 Decline in sales volume, the 'Crash Bros' and the FED wanting to see wage growth go down

11:45 The non-distressed homeowners, moratoriums, stimulus checks and non-performing loans

13:00 Current state of the multifamily/apartment market

16:31 Multifamily and apartment vacancies 

18:43 Housing from the repurposing of office buildings and shopping malls

20:40 Disruptive technologies that will solve the housing problem

21:25 In spite of the economic noise, long term rental property investors will be fine 

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